From simple comics about life’s daily frustrations, rage comics have grown into a format that includes a rich visual language of a huge number of MS paint faces. Images of submission, disbelief, joy, contentment, and extreme anger can all be found in a contemporary rage comic. Just how wide is this range of emotions, exactly?

Here, I’ve organized a number of common faces found in rage comics and rage comic builders into an emotional system to see how they pan out. Not surprisingly, most of the faces (and especially the more popular ones) fit into the most extreme ends of the spectrum. Click image for full size.

LulzSecurity, also known as “LulzSec,” is a group of hackers that gained notoriety around May of 2011 for breaching the security of major websites and organizations. I created this graphic with Know Your Meme to cover what they were up to.


The Internet is home to some of the most horrifying images ever produced. Some of the more notorious ones are shared and replicated across communities, usually in bait-and-switch pranks to troll other users. Here, I used Google’s regional interest data to see just who in the world was looking for this stuff.

People on and off the Internet have flown the flag of Anonymous for any number of purposes. Some people just use it when they want to troll, and other times, it’s a rallying banner for political action. More often than not, these acts of protest accompany actions of questionable legality. This infographic documents arrests related to Anonymous activities.


Rebecca Black’s anti-hit, Friday, took the Internet by storm with an arsenal of autotune, tweens, and poor direction. In this flowchart, we mapped the song’s repetitive lyrics (with a few additions.)

After finding out how many arrests have been related to Anonymous activities, and the extent of LulzSec’s security breaches, I decided to investigate what sorts of laws were in place for prosecuting online offenses.


Advice Dog is the name of an image macro series featuring a cute dog giving very bad advice. It features a puppy’s face, a rainbow background, and some short lines of text. He usually tells you to do things like save money by killing hookers.

The simple format has inspired countless numbers of spin-offs. Some characters give advice (Courage Wolf), while others represent common archetypes (Hipster Kitty), and still others are caricatures of celebrities (Bear Grylls.) In this play off the Periodic Table of the Elements, I have arranged a number of the more popular characters according to the kinds of people they represent.

Click image for full size.